Impotence : Myths & Facts an alternative view

We are constantly bombarded by a stream of advertising from commercial interests who seek to exploit the fear and insecurity of impotent men. There are painful injections and implants, or ludicrous suction pumps which may produce the desired "hard on" - but little, if any, pleasurable sensations for the man. Now we have the "wonder drug", Viagra, destined to make big money for Pfizer.

And why are men persuaded to put up with all this? Because they have been conditioned to believe that "real men" are only interested in sexual intercourse and women are only interested in men who can give it to them. Fortunately, this widespread myth is wrong on both counts.

The American sex researcher and writer, Shere Hite, discovered in the 1970's that most women orgasm through direct clitoral stimulation, and very few through vaginal intercourse alone.


Freed from the impatient desire to ejaculate, impotent men are able to be skilful and considerate lovers concentrating on giving pleasure to their partners. Hours can be spent in sharing intimate fantasies and enjoying exploring the sensual pleasures of each other's body. Women are then able to enjoy several orgasms at their own pace at the hands of their partners. Is this what makes some men so insecure - the thought that women can achieve marvellous orgasms without the use of an erect penis?


Why do so many men live in shame and embarrassment at being impotent ? It's time for more men to liberate themselves and say like me, "I'm impotent - and it's OK !"

I have been impotent for many years but I am able to give and receive more pleasure now than ever before in my life. In order to help other impotent men and their partners my wife and I have appeared in a TV documentary and written widely in the press. We are always pleased to hear from other men and women who wish to discuss the issues arising from male impotence.


Over the years we have discussed many issues with impotent men and their partners. Some of the recurring questions are answered on a separate webpage and contact details are provided if you wish to get in touch with us. Take a look at Impotence : intimate questions answered. is your guide to personal and social liberation. Check it out for other subjects of interest.